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Gunners Mount - M1911 Armorers Plate
FREE SHIPPING (USA Only)- "Limited Time Offer" “A must have for every 1911 shooter”. Aids in holding the weapon for disassembly, cleaning, repairing and reassembly. Stock to 30 days. NOTE: Other discounts cannot be used
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Gunner's Mount Kit with Carry Bag
Our Gunner’s Mount Kit, GMK-2 comes with platform and fixtures needed to service and support your mil spec AR15 patrol rifles, Gunner’s Mount, AR15 Magazine Post, Large Swivel, URB, LRB, RAB and GP-Trigger. All in a handy tool bag, take it to the field.
$650.00  $550.00
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Present Arms Inc.
Gunner's Mount® By Present Arms
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M1911 Plug Capture Tool (PCT) - Shipping Included)
PCT Wrench covers M1911 Recoil Plug. Fits Gov. models and clones. Delivery Stock to 30 days. For Retail packaged parts see PCT1100R.
$12.50  $10.00
In Stock!
Plug Capture Tool (PVT) Sale Two PCT's for $18.00.
In Stock!
Four Plug Capture Tools (PCT) for $30.00.
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M1911 Special Package
FREE SHIPPING - "Limited Time Offer". A must for every 1911 shooter, our family of Patent Pending 1911 tools. Delivery is stock to 30 days.
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FREE SHIPPING - "Limited Time Offer". Magazine mounts for holding pistols on various Gunners Mounts. Delivery is stock to 30 days.
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Swivel Plug – Large Pin
Swivel Plug for use with Gunners Mount. Allows 360 deg. Rotation. Delivery is stock to 30 days.
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Magazine Post - AR15
FREE SHIPPING - "Limited Time Offer". This Magazine Post fits into our Gunners Mount Plus to firmly hold your AR15 to allow easy cleaning and maintaining of the weapon. Delivery is stock to 30 days.
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Lower Receiver Repair Block.
The AR15-LRB gives strong inside and outside support for working on the lower receiver. Delivery is stock to 30 days. If select USPS for shipping check "Priority Medium Flat Rate Box".
In Stock!
Upper Receiver Repair Block.
AR15-URB - AR15 Upper Receiver Repair Block. Delivery is stock to 30 days. NOTE: If select USPS shipping must Check "Priority Medium Flat Rate Box".
In Stock!
Receiver Alignment Block
The Receiver Alignment Block keeps the receiver extension in a 12-6 orientation when taking up on the castle nut. It also holds the extension securely and safely when breaking the fit. Delivery stock to 30 days.
In Stock!
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